About National AIDS Trust


National AIDS Trust is a unique charity tackling the root causes of barriers to health and equality for people living with HIV.

We want people living with HIV to live well, with access to good treatment and support, equal rights under the law, and freedom from poverty and stigma.  We also want to halt the spread of HIV.

Founded over 30 years ago, we are well-respected for our success. Just a few recent examples. We’ve:

  • Made PrEP (a pill that prevents HIV acquisition) available on an NHS trial.

  • Challenged cuts to save vital HIV support services.

  • Challenged stigma and discrimination in various settings such as healthcare and employment.

  • Sent out free resources to hundreds of schools to improve knowledge and awareness of HIV.

“HIV became this sinister character in my life that I battled with. In the beginning, I knew about and experienced stigma, but I also stigmatised myself. HIV had a grip on how I cared for myself and for my own self-esteem. However, today, I have accepted my HIV as part of me.”  

- Nicholas, (Changing Perceptions)